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Dot Slash Devious is an electronic music project based in Los Angeles. Started in 2012 by Ted Zicarelli (singer & songwriter), the music features dark electro beats and live vocals.

These tracks are written and produced in a way that gives them a "small batch" electro feel; Cheap synths, inexpensive gear, and 90's disco/house/trance influences.

./Devious was designed from the beginning to be a "live" electro performance. It is meant to be sung, played, and experienced in a public setting. The live act incorporates analog guitar, digital synthesizers, and sprawling vocal effect chains.

2014 marks the release of ./Devious first solo album, titled "Love Decay". It is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and almost all major online retailers. Soon, it will be streaming on Spotify, Pandora, and other on-demand services.

You can also listen to the entire album free on the ./Devious YouTube channel.